Sugar on Beagle Board training at ESC Boston

Call for presentation from Sugar developers,

I think it would be great if the Sugar community would put forth a training at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston in October[1]. They will be holding several classes[2] on the Beagle Board and I believe the board is well-suited for higher-level educational environments (low-cost, low-power, small, DSP capabilities, 3D graphics, etc.). It is certainly no OLPC replacement, but I'd like to get the people who are playing with that board thinking a bit differently about how we train programmers to think about computers--and I believe Sugar is a good tool for that.

The Beagle Board is an ARM-based platform that is intentionally incomplete[3] (no case, no built-in LCD, no built-in Ethernet, etc.). It *is* intended to promote TI's OMAP3530 device which comes from an architecture originally intended for mobile phones and I'd understand if the tie-in with a particular company's promotional goals puts some people off, so I want to be up-front about that. Still, there are a lot of developers who are interested in the platform and, being a fan of the OLPC software architecture, I don't want them to miss out on Sugar.

Let me know if you are interested. I'd be happy to help with the port. Python, GTK+, and GECKO are already running.

Jason Kridner