Suggested Diagnostic Page Changes

Hello all,

I've recently received my Beagle Board and first want to issue a very big thanks to those involved. This board is a lot of fun.

I've gotten things up and running thanks to the diagnostics page (which i recommend for new users). It can be found here:

I would like to suggest a few changes to it however to help with clarity:

Under "Kernel Boots", # 3:

Currently it says:

Thank you for the input. I will get it into the next release of the System Reference Manual!



one short question: where can I get the source of stream_video?

2008/9/26 Gerald Coley <>

I was under an impression that I had sources on wiki, thanks for
pointing out the missing file.

I have uploaded it here

I think this doesn't need the file name for argument as it has
hardcoded file name. Will check this out and update the wiki


Hello Khasim,

thanks for your answer. I try to modify the file and to compile it. Of course there are missing header files (like omap24xxvout.h) Where can I download the SDK which contains the files necessary to compile utDstream_tennis.c?

Thank you and bye - Robert

2008/9/30 Syed Mohammed, Khasim <>


in case my mail did not reach the list: does nobody knows where I can get the necessary files like omap24xxvout.h?

Thanks in advance!


2008/10/7 Robert Kuhn <>


just for the record. One does not need this header file. I can be replaced with
#define VIDIOC_G_OMAP2_ROTATION _IOR (ā€˜Vā€™, 4, int)

I attach my demo which does not need a video but displays red and green :slight_smile:
Perhaps someone finds it usefull.

Bye - Robert

2008/10/9 Robert Kuhn <>

utDstream_tennis.c (6.55 KB)