Suggestions on how to build BeagleBone Black Wireless from EAGLE files

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this is my first topic in this group, I hope you can help me! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to build the BBB Wireless starting from the EAGLE files, I’ve seen that it is possible to find almost all the components on website like digi-key and similar. I already realized different board in past both in SMD and PTH modes.

I would like to receive suggestions about something to avoid, known problems or issues and, in general, some useful tips before I start.

Moreover, in the github repository, I see that there is a section named “firmware”: what is it used for?

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It's the firmware for wifi and bluetooth of the wl1835 module.


Thank you a lot!

Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone who is trying to build the board?

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There are several BGA (ball grid array) parts on that board.
BGA parts are much more difficult to solder than parts with leads.
If you do not have experience with BGA parts, you need to find someone with both the experience and the equipment to do that class of soldering.
— Graham

any chance i could get the schematic and board save as xml so i could import them to cadence