Support for 485 on BBB Angstrom linux-3.8.13

I have been searching around for days to try and understand if it is possible to add 485 support to Angstrom linux 3.8.13 using bitbake.
I have seen multiple examples of how to add the support but none that talk to bitbake directly and none that have answered the bitbake question.
Does anyone have pointers on this or know of a better method of achieving this without bitbake?

I would really like to stay with Angstrom as I have lots of stuff already working with this release.

Thanks for any help

Why do you want to use it with Angstrom ? Angstrom is going to die …

I had the same problem as you in the past … I find out that with the Ubuntu Distribution from Robert C Nelson, it’s easy to modify the kernel, creating a patch, add a patch, …



Could you point me to some form of “how to”



Enjoy !