Support for Beaglebone LCD capes in Android.

Hello all,

We received latest beaglebone LCD capes (both 7 and 3) (thanks to
circuitco), we are working on these now and will add support on
rowboat in next few days.

a) In our current code base the touch screen calibration is configured
in Linux driver which should be moved to Android user layers (to
support multiple touch screens) - in progress
b) Add support for LCD3, LCD7 and DVID detection and configure timing
values accordingly - in progress

Will keep you updated. Sorry for the delay.


Hi everyone,

I recently got the beaglebone and am working on it for a design project. I downloaded the pre-built ICS image and put it on an SD card, I can view that it has booted up using vncviewer, but it won’t work when I want to use my LCD3 A2 cape. I have done some research and heard that it works fine for revision A1, but for A2 a patch is required. Can someone help me on which patch to use and how do I install the patch? I have no experience in linux at all so this is very new to me. If someone could give me step by step instructions on how get my LCD3 cape working with android I would greatly appreciate it.