Support for multiple USB CCID devices

Afternoon all

I’m currently looking at hardware req’s for a new project, where we need to support 50 USB CCID devices on a single host.

The devices in question are OmniKey 6121 USB thumb drives, and will be connected to a 49 port Cambrionix USB hub, which contains 7 7-port hubs.

Is this something that the BeagleBoard-xM is likely to be able to support?

Thanks in advance for your time, and feel free to ask any questions.


Honestly, even on x86 with that many devices, you'll run out of usb
bandwidth on a single ehci port.

Go test it, it'll likely fail after 4-5 of those devices.


I feared as much…

Some testing on an old x86 desktop running CentOS 6 started showing issues after plugging in 20 OmniKey devices…

Any recommendations on what sort of hardware I should be looking for?