"suspend_pad_conf entry" missing in mounted debugfs directory

Hello all,

I installed Ubuntu with Kernel 3.2 Image on my Beaglebone following Robert’s instructions and use it successful for almost a year now (with peripherals such as an IMU, etc.). Now I want to use the power management on the board (suspend/resume) to wake it up from standby mode via a GPIO pin and followed the description given here, but the mounted debugfs directory “/debugfs/omap_mux/board/” only contains an entry “core”. The entry “suspend_pad_conf” where I can configure the wake-up source is missing. I also got the file “am335x-pm-firmware.bin” and added it to the firmware directory and the kernel config. I also verfified that it gets loaded by checking dmesg:

[ 2.338288] Power Management for AM33XX family
[ 2.343144] Trying to load am335x-pm-firmware.bin (60 secs timeout)
[ 2.349868] Copied the M3 firmware to UMEM

But the entry “suspend_pad_conf” does not show up in the directory. Any idea what I need to do in order to have that entry show up to use the functionality to specifiy the wake-up source(s)?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help on this! I appreciate your feedback!

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Anybody ever used PM on Beaglebone? I appreciate any feedback on this!

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