sys_5v powering humidity sensor

HI All,

I’m trying to trouble shoot why my two HIH4001 (or 4003) humidity sensors died after a couple of days of being connected to the beagle bone in my current config.

I’ve got one connected to AIN5 and the other to 6 (central pin – output voltage), via voltage dividers to knock the voltage down below 1.8 V.

Output pins are tied to ground via 80K resistors (pulldown).
Ground runs to BBB ground, and is also tied to AGND.

Power is supplied via SYS_5v — I thought this would give me a regulated supply. The measurements with a multimeter look good.

After a couple of days the sensors were providing constant 2.6 V as output and are unresponsive.

Can anyone see anything I am doing wrong with this setup?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards