SYS_RESETn pin always low despite good power supply to the MCU


I am bringing up a new board based on the Beagle Bone Green Wireless (BBGW) which is similar to the BBB. The power rails are all as expected but the MCU does not want to boot from the uSD card interface. One of the things that is unexpected is that the SYS_RESETn pin is always zero. My PMIC_PGOOD signal from TPS65217 is always high therefore the only logical source of this issue is from the AM335x’s A10 pin. Is there any reason why this pin would be pulled down? I probed my sysboot signals and SYSBOOT[4…0] = 11100. Even when I ground SYSBOOT2 to skip the eMMC, the SYS_RESETn signal is always zero, none of the LED’s lights up like they do during the normal BeagleBone startup except the power and the BT LEDs

I have also probed the CLK line on the MMC0 line and there is no activity coming from it. I have attached part of my circuit that is related to the SYS_Resetn which is similar to that of the BBB except the C24 which is populated. I have depopulated C24 on my board but that did not change anything.

Has anyone ever come across this issue before or know the best way forward to debug the cause of the issue?