SYSBOOT pins and LCD_data pins issue


I am designing a custom cape for a BeagleBone running with debian 9.4. The cape has to be connected at the system start, since it is the power supply for my BB. The cape has a LCD on it which is of course conncted to the LCD_data pins. Unfortunately I am running into issues while booting since the LCD_data pins are shared with the SYSBOOT configuration pins.

I am thinking of two ways to solve my problem:

1st Tell the bootloader to use a fixed configuration and ignore the SYSBOOT pins
As far as I see these pins address the TI ROM bootloader, is that right? This might be a problem…

2nd Use different pins for the LCD_data lines.
Is there any way to use different pins than the by default allocated ones (P8_31 to P8_46). Simple pinmuxing by an DTO won´t work as far as i see.Is this possible with building my own kernel?

Does anyone have done something like this before and have some hints?

How is this issue solved by other LCD Capes for the BeagleBone?

Thanks a lot



I just read your post but no replies. Did you manage to solve the problem ?

I have the same problem with p8.41 and 43. If I power up with one of this inputs ( configured before ) with a 1k resistor connected to ground the beaglebone green don’t start. But if I use p8.39 or 37 it starts up. I have also other inputs connected to electonics but whiout any problem.