SYSFS entries for IIO and PWM


My name is Cristian Bercaru. I am attending a master's degree in network security at Politehnica University of Bucharest. For the summer I would like to work on the Beagle GSoC kernel project "SYSFS entries for IIO and PWM".

I am currently employed at Freescale and I develop Ethernet drivers for Freescale QorIQ processors. Kernel programming and reading datasheets is part of my daily business. So far, I have contributed with 2 patches to the Linux upstream kernel.

commit a4572e0c23266d01949a1c134475e3bfa7f788e1
Author: Cristian Bercaru <>
  phy: unmask link partner capabilities
commit 3bc1b1add7a8484cc4a261c3e128dbe1528ce01f
Author: Cristian Bercaru <>
  bridging: fix rx_handlers return code
I have currently read an article about the syfs API [1] by Patrick Mochel and now I take a look at the code written during gsoc-2013 [2].

I have the following questions: What is expected to be read/written in the sysfs entries? Could you give me a starting point? What documentation should I read first?

I want to know more details about the project before I submit a full application. Meanwhile, here's a hello-world ARM executable [3]. "SYSFS entries for IIO and PWM" remains my primary option, but if somebody is working on this already, I would like to work on (in the order of preference): "Upstreaming Kernel Patches", "PRU upstreaming", "Generic Device Tree Creator", "Integrate support libraries into Debian", "PRU firmware loader"

Thank you,
Cristian Bercaru