System service failures when mounting LUKS root partition


I have the following setup: Booting beagleboard black industrial (5.10.168-ti-r71) from SD card which has 2 partitions:

  • Partition 1 is ext4 format and contains only the standard /boot directory files
  • Partition 2 is LUKS1 encrypted and contains all other files(/home /etc/ …)

At the moment when the system boots from partition 1, it decrypts the LUKS1 partition and mounts these files in the correct location, however there are many failures regarding system services (refer to image below). Also sudo commands don’t work and ssh only works over serial connection not TCP/IP.

I tested the same 2 partition setup without any LUKS encryption and the board booted and functioned properly so I’m assuming the issue is something to do with decrypting/mounting the luks partition. It looks to me like some services are being started before partition 2 is fully decrypted.

Any suggestions on how I can debug this issue or maybe restart all services after booting? :slight_smile: