System Time Skips Forward

Hello everyone. I have an issue on my BeagleBoard where the system
time (the time reported by "date") skips forward every so often. It
skips forward most frequently and in greater leaps when the system is
under heavy load, especially I/O (SD card, USB networking). The first
skip since boot happens as soon as 5 minutes to as late as 30 minutes,
depending on use, and can be anywhere from just a few hours to a few
days. It's very random.

Anyone else experienced this? It occurs regardless of kernel, or the
'nohz' option.


What Rev number do you have? This did occur with the very early Rev B
boards from over a year ago...


Rev B4

Yep. You have the issue. Refer to the Rev B7 System Reference Manual. There is a CAP that needs to be removed.


That's the one...

Errata #7

Just be careful, a nail clipper will do the job, just don't tare the
traces off the board..


I'm very not-so-handy with electronics. Is there someone I can pay to
do this? Does the RMA place cover this?

This board is so far out of warranty it is in another time zone. But, if you will request an RMA, I will see what I can do.