SYZYGY eye diagrams at 5Gbps

For fun and since people are showing an interest in the SYZYGY interface, here are eye diagrams for BeagleV-Fire SYZYGY tranceiver lanes at 5 Gbps. Before you ask, yes, I will try to generate other speeds.




Nice. Looks like lane 2/3 are better than the others?

What is your physical setup? Do you have a quickstart on how to get this running, or maybe make a video? It would be good to quantify how much the eye diagrams vary across different boards.

I use an Opal Kelly SZG-TST-TXR4 loopback board: SZG-TST-TXR4 - Opal Kelly

I will add this SYZYGY build option to the gateware.

I would refrain from trying to use the currently published SYZYGY gateware build options (TCL scripts) until I had a chance to clean them up. I managed to soft-brick myself while creating these eye diagrams and need to figure out how I managed to do that.

@lorforlinux looks like this info should be on BeagleV-Fire — BeagleBoard Documentation as well.