Tablet display to be used with BBB?

Hello. I was wondering if it's possible to use a tablet display As the display for Beaglebone black? I am at the moment in a different country so I'm not really thinking to buy a monitor that I would have to leave here since when I finish my work here. But I have a spare tablet, functional and ready to use. If I can use it somehow as a screen that would be great. Even if I have to take apart the tablet and extract the lcd and digitizer that would be OK. Touch input is not my biggest concern to make it clear.
Regards, Lemi

Can u run either vnc or x on the tablet? That would be my suggestion.

You can run X server on the tablet, and display X applications from
BBB to the tablet using TCP transport over USB. The touch input works
as a mouse, but is a little strange (touches vs mouseclicks).