Tag-Connect and Um...Which One?

I was looking to perform some testing and not just by reading u-boot entries and output.

What exact debugger would I need w/ the tag connect for minimal debugging to see chip side breaks and things in CCS 12.x.x?

I see here: 10-Pin Legged Plug-of-Nails™ IDC cable - Soft| Tag-Connect has some availability for connecting but…

  1. I am learning now how to use debuggers
  2. Blind to the fact
  3. and…I will be testing many things

Does the 2050 version of these tag-connects have a TTL to USB variety? If not, okay. Still…I will need some type of debugger.

With this forum guidance here, I can make some educated guesses on where to go to look and what to look into currently.


P.S. Advise at will, please.

I found some debuggers but none I found handle the TDA4VM so far. I will keep looking. I found a good drop-in replacement for specific chips but dang! Dang I say…big dollars. Sheesh. Oh!

I see some issues already. It is like I can use this 10-pin Plug of Nails but the interface…never mind me. I got it!

The tag-connect is basically just the connection cable to connect your chosen debugger to the pcb.

You will need to check what debuggers CCS supports. There is no real standard with how these connect to your board. Most use IDC cables or various sizes, 10,14 and 20 pins being common for JTAG. However there is no guarantee that any one debugger will use the same pinout as another.

I bought a 10 pin tag-connect to go with my j-link. It has a 10 pin IDC connector on it and as I already had an interface board with various connector size on, thought it would all work. However it turned out that the tag-connect was wired differently.
The company does sell a interface board to connect the probe to a j-link, but along with postage and taxes would have cost me around $100 to get. So I made my own PCB and included a 1.27mm pitch connector for an SWD probe for about a third of the cost.

Assuming CCS supports debugging via GDB, you can use OpenOCD and any of the probes it supports for debugging, which is probably the cheapest option but potentially the hardest to get running. Setting up OpenOCD for a device using JTAG is not that simple. Other directly supported debug hardware for CCS is likely to be much more expensive.

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@benedict.hewson ,

Hello…I splurged. Was it or is it a waste? Not so far and not yet! Anyway, I broke down and got the debugger of my choice that can handle some all-around good chipsets.

This keeps getting more interesting.

I used to use ARM Keil to make breakpoints and see testing before actual hardware became a concern w/ a group of professors that handled some TI chipsets and made a nice debugger application on the ARM Keil source.

Anyway, thank you for your guidance. I looked at the j-link some time ago. I never really knew what happened. Either J-Link and ARM Keil was too much to handle at the time or I never thought I would make it this far w/ making, programming, and learning things.


P.S. I saw the J-link from Segger.com. There may be others out there but this is the one I found. So, w/out further ado, I will be waiting once more to learn, learn, and then learn. I did not try OpenOCD yet. I have not even really heard of it. I see the name here and there but nothing too familiar comes to mind when thinking of details of OpenOCD.