Talking to BBB with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Has anyone been able to connect to the BBB running OS X El Cap? The driver provided on the getting started page is long since obsolete (FTDI driver) and doesn’t seem to exist anymore (404). If I look at the IP address assigned to it and try to SSH in, it just times out.

Cheers, Joe

Yes, I know it's hard to believe the original "2014-05-14" image, is
that far out of date! What were we thinking not to "support" 10.11 2
springs ago!!!

Please read the first paragraph of the author's website on horndis for
10.11 updates:

The 2015-07-28 and lxqt snapshots here:

contain: HoRNDIS-rel7.pkg


Try using screen. "man -s1 screen". It is a basic ANSI terminal emulator. It will usually connect when all else fails.

Thanks Robert, as I mentioned, it was impossible to read that as the website wasn’t up. I figured it was just one of many other dead links I’ve come across. Just bad timing, it was back the next day. I certainly don’t expect engineers who are volunteering their time to have any obligation to update anything at all. It was merely a question as it appeared that support for that particular tool had been dropped based on the links provided on the getting started page (and in Googling around, the only other references I found for FTDI and HORNDIS were a few years old).

Now that it’s back up, I can see that it looks like a few people have come up with some workarounds in the interim.

I actually managed to get up and running without any of that by connecting to root@beaglebone.local via ssh and then grabbing the IP through ifconfig so I could launch the Cloud9 IDE.

Cheers, Joe