targetNFS and linux-devkit

I have a BB-XM
I following the Sitara guide and installed ti-sdk-
I don't found guide about the directory installed:
for example what are targetNFS and linux-devkit ?
In the sitara guide, about build and install matris-gui it's wrotten:
"target file system must be NFS mounted2: what mean?
Best regards
Paolo Preioni (Italy)


targetNFS is probably the directory for the root filesystem. All Linux
machines have to have a root filesystem. NFS = Network File System. The
documentation probably will tell you how to export the targetNFS directory
so that it can be mounted. In fact, I think the SDK installation process
does this for you.

FYI - there are a few users that do, but most users on this list do not work
with the TI Sitara SDK. You might be better off submitting a question on
TI's e2e forum (


but most users on this list do not work with the TI Sitara SDK...
Since I'm a beginner, which are the alternative manner to program on

Same as any other linux system.

The Sitara SDK is a decent starting point, but questions about it should probably go to the e2e forum. What I’ve noticed about this list is that most users are making using of Angstrom or Ubuntu.