td_get_event: failed waiting for events: 5 on BB-xM


I wanted to run FFmpeg on BB-xM using off of DSP power. So I’ve rebuild FFmpeg along with Felipe’s glue code and tidsp library(

After verifying “ffprobe test.avi” triggers dsp-load’s load counts, I’ve tried with a ffmpeg command, which resulted in “td_get_event: failed waiting for events: 5” over and over. During this testing, "dsp-load’ changes the load value somehow.

When I looked at dmesg, I saw the following mmu fault messages:

[ 171.893676] omap-dsp omap-dsp: bridge_deh_notify: DSP_MMUFAULT, addr=0x211cf000
[ 176.899932] bridge_recover:1 handle(s) still opened
[ 181.902496] bridge_recover:1 handle(s) still opened
[ 183.429656] omap-dsp omap-dsp: ERR: clock id 2 already disabled
[ 183.507202] proc_load: Processor Loaded /lib/dsp/baseimage.dof
[ 183.520965] proc_start: dsp in running state

Any idea on this issue? I appreciate any comments.