Teensy/ESP32/Other Microcontroller 'Beagleboard' & some Cape ideas

I had some ideas for re-using the BB pin header for a microcontroller use case. Specifically creating a ‘Beaglebone’ that included a MicroMod socket for the processor of your choice

Hopefully including an Fully Open Hardware CORE-V chip

I’d aim for Maximum compatibility, and some people might connect them up with a ‘Beaglebone’ but the primary use case would just be as a standalone Microcontroller device.

Is there any merit in this idea (or any of the proposed capes) or should I just look for an alternate pinout/form factor:

The main thoughts and some additional concept capes are documented here: Open hardware electronics – Agroecology lab

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Optional Ethernet would be worth it I think. Could do Mikroe on a separate cape

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