temperature range for bbb rev.c

Dear all

i’d like to know if is possible to find some kind of “official” answer about the temperature range of BBB rev.C, i’ve read that the BBB industrial version has a range of -40°C to +85°C but is not clear what is the range of the standard BBB rev. C.

I’ve also found some old post talking about different ranges: someone talks abount 0-50, some ohter about 70, other says that we must check all the BOM and look for the working range of all the components.

Now, i have 2 question:

  1. in the meaningtime is there any news or we have to check again the BOM ?

  2. in test-field enviroment i’m experiencing a specific problem: a BBB REV.C is working in a case with internal temperature of 60°, after 2 days it stop to respond (the BBB is not reachable via TCP/IP) and even the reboot does nothing, if i cool the case under 50° the BBB starts again.

Now, the problem seems to be quite related to the temperature, but just to be sure i’d like to know if is possible to debug this situation and understand what is blocking the boot process.

The system doesn’t boot because of some internal protection related to the temperature or it is just a related event of some hardware failure?

Thanks to all in advance

You should be able to just connect a serial-to-usb debug cable to the six seerial pins and watch the boot process on the screen attached to the usb.