Terminal Blocks for BeagleBone IO

Hey guys,

I’m currently designing an automation control system for my aeroponic greenhouse and would like to use the BeagleBone Black as the brain. I would like all wiring to the BBB to be done using terminal blocks. The Arduino Mega has a shield that breaks out all GPIO pins to terminal block connectors and I would love to find the same thing for the BBB. Do you know if this exists? Google hasn’t really turned anything up so I’m doubtful.

How would I make one myself? What alternatives are there? I created a wire harness that fits into the P8 and P9 headers but it’s not an elegant solution.

I’ve seen others use the Arduino Mega with the terminal block shield as the brain for various greenhouse automation projects but I want to utilize the BBB as it has a more appropriate amount of IO and processing power.


Thank you.

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