Tesseract-ocr installation on beaglebone

Hi everyone,

Right now I am working on an embedded system using my BeagleboneA6 (white) and I’m trying to install tesseract-ocr. Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Linux so I was trying to follow these steps http://miphol.com/muse/2013/05/install-tesseract-ocr-on-ubunt.html

I know that the instructions above are for Ubuntu and not Angstrom, but I gave it a try and failed. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance,


Why don’t you just install Ubuntu on the white?

I have it working perfectly. You will need an 8GB uSD card.

Just Google “Beaglebone Ubuntu”


But if i install Ubuntu would I have access to the I/O of the board?

There might be a cloud9 port to Ubuntu out there.

Otherwise you have to use C++

There are a number of tutorials out there and projects with C++