test minicom????

salmo allikm warhmat allah wabrakato

plz want to know what benfite of minicom??
why use it?/
what tty s,USB
how can i know what chose???
i am new in bb
i want to do test
i have bb xm version b
that really what i did
i have serial cable /USB
i installed minicom
that i get

Welcome to minicom 2.4

Compiled on Jun 3 2010, 13:46:31.
Port /dev/tty8

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys
and then power on nothing

i tried to do with it

The use of minicom is to monitor serial port’s activity.

The board is connected via serial port, so minicom helps to monitor the beagleboard.

There is another software namaed GTKTERM which is also a serial port monitoring software for linux.
Configuring GTKTERM is much simpler than minicom for a newbie as it has GUI with mouse control.

If you're a visual person, search 'minicom' on youtube and you'll see
a few good examples of how it's used.

/dev/ttyUSB# is the same concept as in Winows COM#


tail -f /var/log/messages

in a terminal and then plug in your board. You will see a line which
assigns a ttyUSB#

ve aleykum selam;

minicom is a program that helps you to see the messages that the beagleboard sends to your host computer, that is minicom helps you to coomunicate with BB. There are different programs like minicom to do this process. tty s or USB is the port of your serial cable that you connect if you have a serial port on your PC you use one of ttyS… but if you use a usb to serial connector cable your interface board is ttyUSB… You sad that no anythin on minicom screen. You may not set up the baud rate of serial connection, that is for BB you must choose it 115200 and 8N1 data type, you can find more clear informations on the net. If you do this and set the correct tty port and your SD card truely formatted, you can see normal messages or scripts on the minicom. I hope it’s going smoothly

Best Regards

2011/1/28 chiques <bajaguilin@gmail.com>

I have used kermit and minicom for decades. I switched to "gtkterm" about a decade ago. On Ubuntu "apt-get install gtkterm", launch it from the command line if you must and from the gtkterm menu - Configuration --> Port (set it to ttyUSB0), Save Configuration, you are done, permanently. It's a clone of hyperterminal that Windows users are more familiar with.
Less messing than with minicom.

thanks every one
i installed gtkterm and do well
really thanks problem solved

based on a recommendation in chris hallinan's 2nd ed of "embedded
linux primer", i ran:

  $ screen ttyUSB0 115200

and it just worked. that's my new favourite.


No problem, even using minicom over many years I always found it too cumbersome, so as soon as I saw gtkterm I have used it and never looked back.
I requested for openSUSE to reinstate gtkterm but got some strange answer that it wasn't being maintained. The source code builds and installed for me. When something just works I don't see the need to keep issuing new versions.