Testing needed for potential Beagle image release to use as starting point for GSoC

Mentors, students,

If you can provide some testing and feedback on the images at Index of /rootfs/bb.org/testing/2021-03-29, it would be really great. If we can close any significant regressions, we and make it an official release as a starting point for this year’s GSoC students.

So far I’ve built/tested on black using u-boot/kernels and rootfs from Robert’s wiki page and encountered a few issues.

  1. focal rootfs has network issues and fails on network up/ttyG, then freezes without a console prompt (kernel 5.4 or less) whereas bionic boots successfully.
  2. with latest debian flashed to emmc, using uEnv.txt on both emmc and sdcard has some issues with newer kernels; 5.10 kernel has mmc0/1 swapped from both earlier kernels and u-boot.
  3. beaglebone-yocto (dunfell branch) boots fine, uses vfat /boot and extlinux.conf
  4. using extlinux.conf on sdcard boots reliably (with debian/uEnv on emmc) using bionic and 5.10 kernel

Hopefully building from meta-ti should also work, but I didn’t find an image recipe or doc to get a nice TI dev image with PRU stuff, etc.

Right now I don’t have an answer for munging uEnv.txt on sdcard to make it happy with Robert’s default setup.

This is filtering down from mainline:


		mmc0 = &mmc1;
		mmc1 = &mmc2;
		mmc2 = &mmc3;

Some of us might remember that is issues in 3.8.x. :wink: Well that same fix is now finally mainline…


Once: [PATCH v3 00/10] Add support for extension boards detection and DT overlays application hit’s mainline, we should be able to convert to extlinux while keeping overlay support…


I’m not sure I remember anything much from 3.8 … I can see the alias patch on the ti-linux-rt-5.10.y branch, but it does not fix the swapped root device issue if I use the “default” uEnv.txt with just uname_r=n.n.n in it. What exactly is the “simple” uEnv fix to get the right root mounted? With the above it loads kernel from sdcard but then mounts the emmc rootfs…

This is fixed… it was broken in 5.8/5.9/5.10, but it’s been fixed…


lsblk - 5.10.21-ti-r1.log
mmcblk1      179:0    0  1.8G  0 disk 
mmcblk1boot0 179:256  0    1M  1 disk 
mmcblk1boot1 179:512  0    1M  1 disk 
mmcblk0      179:768  0 29.8G  0 disk 
└─mmcblk0p1  179:769  0 29.8G  0 part /
lsblk - 5.4.106-ti-r26.log
mmcblk0      179:0    0 29.8G  0 disk 
└─mmcblk0p1  179:1    0 29.8G  0 part /
mmcblk1      179:256  0  1.8G  0 disk 
mmcblk1boot0 179:512  0    1M  1 disk 
mmcblk1boot1 179:768  0    1M  1 disk 


I literally just built it (again) last night and got 5.10.21-ti-r0 … Lemme update again.

Sorry, i “literally” fixed it last night, when i tagged ‘r1’ and added the “rt” version :wink:


Ps, here’s a simple /boot/uEnv.txt:

cmdline=coherent_pool=1M net.ifnames=0 lpj=1990656 rng_core.default_quality=100


Okay, confirmed the root device fix on 5.10.21-ti-rt-r1 but ubuntu still has some issues:

  1. serial gettys still timeout/fail and console freezes with no login prompt:

    [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Serial Getty on ttyGS0.
    [ OK ] Started Generic Board Startup.
    [ OK ] Reached target Multi-User System.
    [ OK ] Reached target Graphical Interface.
    Starting Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes…
    [ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.

  2. still getting phy error on ethernet startup:

    [ 20.664757] cpsw 4a100000.ethernet: phy “/ocp/interconnect@4a000000/segment@0/target-module@100000/ethernet@0/mdio@1000/ethernet-phy@0” not found on slave 0`

Does this same issue occur with Debian?

Throw that board away, or mark it as having a bad PHY… Our phy port hack probably needs a tweak for later kernels… For bleeding edge, which is our 5.10-ti branch you’ll just be pulling hairs…


Tested so far:

  • yocto beaglebone dunfell branch - PASS

Manual u-boot/kernel/sdcard build using https://www.digikey.com/eewiki/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black and kernel 5.10.21-ti-rt-r1:

  • debian - PASS
  • ubuntu - network issues

Latest test image:

  • bone-eMMC-flasher-debian-10.9-iot-armhf-2021-03-29-4gb.img.xz - PASS

Ubuntu issues (mainly network/tty-related) vary with hardware and kernel version; note anything before the above version and later than 5.4.x will have mmc device issues. Occasional PHY errors (also depends on kernel and/or hardware).

Tested on the following hardware:

  • black 4 GB emmc
  • black 2 GB emmc
  • green wireless
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