Tether to BBB via WiFi

I’ve successfully setup WiFi on the BeagleBone Black. I’d like to be able to tether to the BBB wirelessly so that I can execute Python programs remotely on a robot. The robot is configured with a BBB and a WiFi antenna. I’m powering the BBB via a 12V power supply running through a 7805 voltage regulator to get 5V at the BBB.

I’m able to see the BBB on the list of networks available when I search for networks on my Windows machine. But when I try to connect to the BBB, it basically says that the BBB needs to accept me as a valid user before I can access the BBB via an ad hoc or peer-to-peer network connection.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Take care,

I should have mentioned that all I want to do is access the command line interface on the BBB from my Windows or Mac over WiFi.