Thanks for respecting the freedom of the users

Because there is no positive feedback and the topic here is “Site Feedback”, i would like to leave positive feedback.
This forum does many things in case of user freedom great.

Thanks for respecting the free choice of your users what E-Mail address they want to use. The E-Mail address i used here to register is been blocked on some other websites. Every user should be able to use the E-Mail address they want and this should not be a forced decision from the website admin.

Thanks for not forcing people into 2 factor authentication. It should be the free choice of the people if they want 2 factor or rely on a secure and random password.

Thanks for not implementing any captcha. I can just use the website without having to use some bad services for privacy like for example the famous google captcha.

Thanks for not implementing some IP-Ban and breaking the Net neutrality. I can use the IP’s from Tor exit nodes to connect to this website.

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I second that.

Moving away from google groups was a big step in order to enhance this forums reputation.

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