The Breadboardinator

The Breadboardinator is a new cape available through Salt Lake Scientific - currently offered for sale through the Salt Lake Scientific website.
Basic Product Information:

  1. Compatible with both original BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black (BBB)
  2. brings P8 and P9 headers pins out to solder points
  3. brings P6 header pins out to solder points (original BeagleBone only)
  4. 15pin screw terminal for board-to-wire connector
  5. brings screw terminal pins out to solder points
  6. fits BeagleBone Cape outline
  7. mounting holes
  8. ships un-assembled
    a) easy access to solder pin field
    b) only add headers and connectors you need
  9. solder field features
    a) access to P8 and P9 headers
    b) access to P6 header (original BeagleBone only)
    c) 22x12 solder field
    d) 4x 22x1 power strips
    e) 44x 4x1 signal strips
    f) 0.1"x0.1" spacing

More capes are in the words, and SLS is also in the process of branching out to other platforms and cape concepts. Purchases can be made directly through the SLS Sore tab.