The Deck 2.0 (Linux for penetration testers) for BBB now available

The Deck 2.0, a special BBB Linux distribution for security penetration testers, is now available on SourceForge at This new version is chuck full of hacking goodness in over 4k packages and 12GB+. If you don’t wish to download 6GB of files from SourceForge you can also buy preloaded microSD cards at

More info:

What does it offer over other projects such as ArchAssault or Kali? I know ArchAssault offers meshdeck and 4deck which are your tools, but other than those what sets the deck over other pentest ARM OS options out there?

Not terribly familiar with ArchAssault. In fact, I had no idea they were using the MeshDeck or 4Deck (not that I have any problems with that). I will say that Kali admits that it doesn’t work well on the BBB. This is because it is just a straight port of an Intel based system. The Deck was meant to run on the ARM platform from the start. It offers a lot more when it comes to things like scripted attacks. It is also meant to be used in an environment where downloading new packages is difficult. That is why it includes over 4k packages from the start. Also, don’t know what desktop Kali uses, but I’m using LXDE which is pretty lightweight. The Deck runs on my 7" 4D systems touchscreen with no issues.

You should be able to put the files together and extract them all at once using the command “cat TheDeck*.tar.gz-part-0* | tar xzv” from any linux machine. If this is problematic you can try to do it in two steps like this:
cat TheDeck*.tar.gz-part-0* > TheDeck*.tar.gz
tar xzvf TheDeck*.tar.gz

Alternatively, you can download the entire thing from my website at the university

The GUI should already be installed. If you hook the BBB up to a TV or HDMI monitor you should be presented with a GUI login screen.

Hi Dr. Phil - would it possible to pay you via PayPal for the 32 GB microSDHC with The Deck V2 installed on it for the Beagle Bone Black?

Yes. Contact me off the list.