The Docs. and If Only They Could be Better?


Those scripts from the docs. are neat. I just ran an IIOPATH adc script on the BBAI w/ a Cape attached handling analog voltages. Finite!

The script runs and the output was desirable. Thank you and to everyone for putting those scripts together when you did not have to do it.

Hats off!


P.S. I found a Cape that has these pluggable components that handle different voltages and can handle eight of them at a time. Some 5v and some 3.3v and so on…

It is or was mfg. by ZDAuto. Anyway, the Cape is cool. Super neat. By the way, I need to update my image to handle current Specifications of the Compatibility Layer. Are there specific images that someone has tried that gives access to PWM, GPIO, and some additional peripherals all under /dev/bone/?