The Hashlet, a secure authentication BeagleBone Black Mini Cape, now available on Tindie

This is a one-time post to announce that the Hashlet, a secure authentication mini-cape that I’ve developed, is now available on Tindie [1].

The Hashlet provides a hardware random number generator, implements the SHA256 algorithm in hardware, and enables Message Authentication Codes (MACs) through keyed hashes. It communicates with the BBB over I2C.

I’ve also developed a command line application that abstracts the details of the 80 page datasheet, which is available as GPLv3 code on Github [2]. The hardware design is also on the GitHub page.

Tutorials are posted on my blog [3].

Happy Hacking!


p.s. I’ll be at SparkFun Electronics next week as a hacker-in-residence working on the CryptoCape! [4]