The maximum current a BBB will demand?

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What is the maximum current a BBB will demand (@ 5V)? The reason I ask is that I’m going to run a cape off a 2s LiPo @ 7.4V and need to know how much current the regulated 5V supply will require through a DC-DC converter. If I could know a conservative figure, it would really help.

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Anthony Webber

That is up to you. Depends on what you are doing, Ethernet? USB, how much there? LCD panel?

If it is just siting there and running 1GHZ, should be about 2.5W.


Many thanks Gerald,

If I included Ethernet and USB, but no LCD panel, would 15W be a sensible target?



Based on the fact I have no idea what the LCD is, the fact that back-lights eat power, and I don’t know how fast you are running the Ethernet at, I would go with 20W.

The easiest thing to do is to just measure the current.