the use of VLD with Cortex-A8 with arm-linux-gcc cross compiler(code sourcery 2008 126)

Hello all,

I am using arm cortex a8 assembly.For instruction VLD i have used quad precision registers,.Its working fine in RVDS.But i need to run in codesourcery -2008- 126 gnu arm toolchain its throwing an error and assembler showing that it expects only D registers for VLD instruction

.Kindly help me in this regard


Hello Tilak,

When you use VLD instruction of Cortex you have to use {} with the registers.

For eg.

VLD1.8 q0, [r0] will throw the error as you mentioned but if you use
VLD1.8 {q0}, [r0] then it will compile it properly without throwing any error.

I hope this should work for you.

Thanks and Regards
Chirag Pujara
Senior Software Engineer,
Samsung India Software Operations,

Thanks,I will go through it.