TheCoolTool SandyBox Announcement

I am proud to announce that we where able to release the first version of the
SandyBox mini computer:

The SandyBox brings the whole Machinekit ( experience to all major desktop OS
(Windows, Linux, OS X) without the hassle of setting up a BeagleBone or

The first release is primarily focused on our UNIMAT CNC series
( However, we are
interested in bringing the plug and play Machinekit experience to all people
with parallel port based CNC machine setups.

Therefore, we are looking for people interested in porting their parallel port
based CNC machines to Machinekit using the SandyBox. Feel free to contact me
if you are interested.

Future features will be new QtQuickVcp based user interfaces
(, WiFi support and
support for controlling machines using a Android or iOS tablet. Furthermore a
3D printer using the SandyBox as controller is currently in development

The SandyBox would not be possible without the help of the BeagleBoard
community, thank you very much for the excellent cooperation.