This is a multifaceted mess

I’m not a fan of Google Groups mostly because it’s bloated and slow. But when I joined the Pocket Beagle group I opted for digests of 25 messages by email. I see threads in the digests I can’t find in the page at where I am now. I vaguely remember from years ago thinking Google Groups was just a frontend for usenet. Now I’m not sure what it is. I don’t have a usenet account at the moment so I can’t check. Is this going out over usenet and some people are posting from usenet?

Anyway, since I don’t see a way to respond otherwise to the “Blue screen when sharing Win7 internet connection via usb with pocket beagle” thread: I’ve seen plenty of blue screens, usually something like a bad driver. I made a living keeping Windows running. It’s a little like a kernel panic. Sometimes snapping a picture with a camera helps figure it out later. Usually the last 1/3 or so of the screen is most relevant if I remember right.

Windows connection sharing I didn’t care much for because like tethering from a Android phone the device doing the sharing becomes the DHCP server. If the upstream network goes away so does the local network, suddenly you can’t see local peers. OK in a pinch or if you’re visiting somebody but not very reliable. I went to static IPs and used a program called Wingate, not sure if it’s still around. That was 20 years or so ago.

Yes, but it's propagated to/from Usenet by gmane.

You can subscribe to Google Groups by E-Mail, much more functional
than the web interface IMHO.

Yes, I’d recommend using Google Groups via email. That is how I almost always interact with this list/group.