TI BSP failed to build kernel

I am following this guide to create an bootable SD card:

I check out this branch: git checkout origin/ti-linux-rt-``4.9``.y -b tmp and proceed to ./build_kernel.sh
My terminal throws this error:

Yeah I broke it, last minute port from 4.4 before I snuck out for the holiday.

So is there a way to fix it?

Hang onto your shorts, I'm working on it, just got home after a 4 hour drive...


tested fix is pushed out:


starting the tagging procedure..


So do I still use this git checkout origin/ti-linux-rt-``4.9``.y -b tmp or do I need to do something else? What do I need to do about the tagging procedure? Pardon my ignorance. I am new to Linux and know little about git. Your help has been really speedy by the way.

git pull

should do it..


Thank you. It now builds.

FYI, I THINK I ran into something similar over the holidays when I tried to fetch and build the 4.4.y and 4.9.y kernels using eewiki. I tried both BBB and BB-X15. I ran into an issue with a build error in an assembly file which apparently had to do with some kind of networking package. The kernel built again, when this package was de-selected in makemenuconfig. I was getting ready to post something on this, but then some time after Christmas, I re-fetched everything using the instructions on eewiki and everything built again…

Regards and happy new year!


for 4.9.x it was me last week, i fubared up the pocketbeagle
simplegaming device tree binary.

also the wireguard patchset merge the last few weeks had some issues with thumb2

But Wireguard + https://github.com/StreisandEffect/streisand + linode
(or any of the other supported ones) has been working awesome for me.


Ok, so if I understand correctly, if I git the kernel and checkout the 4.4.y or 4.9.y branches and then build the kernel using build_kernel.sh with FULL_REBUILD defined, any updates to the mainline or the patchset could affect my build or functionality, right?

What is the best way to get updated when either the kernel and/or patch set(s) change? What mailing lists do we need to join?



Is the best place to look for updates to the kernel and/or patches to the kernel here? In other words, all inclusive…




Nope, once you do a checkout, the kernel version and kernel sha are
locked into the script..

So if you lock everything 'down' including your OS (aka no updates),
the script will work and pull all the same stuff 10 years from now..
(well as long as github.com and kernel.org git servers don't change


Correct, and:



Ok thanks!

Then when you do a full re-build, does it delete the entire local tree and re-git evertyhing from the same 4.4.y branch that you checkedout locally on the server?

I generated a custom device tree, am57xx-custom,dts which essentially uses am57xx-evm-reva3.dts as a starting point and relies on all of the other dts and dtsi files that it pulls in. I build am57xx-custom.dtb by copying am57xx-custom.dts into the 4.4.y tree’s arch/arm/boot/dts directory and adding it to Makefile. Whenever FULL_REBUILD is defined, am57xx-custom.dts/dtb get deleted from arch/arm/boot/dts and the corresponding Makefile…

Maybe I should try your device tree builder…

Yeah, stick it in the device-tree builder, then submit a merge to me
thru that and i'll route it thru the tree. :wink:

Just use something other then:

<board>-custom.dtb :wink:


Ok thanks Robert!!

When the next-spin of our custom board comes in and we get more of the peripherals working, I’ll TRY to submit something generic and compatible with BB-X15 like am57xx-4UARTs-wifi with embedded comments like what all we had to do to the kernel and u-boot to get working…