TI OMAP3 price

Hi does anyone know the price of the TI omap3 chips? Just to compare
with the cost of the Atoms for a blog post.


Well, there is the information you can find on the web:


I believe these quotes are in 100 unit pricing, rather than 1,000 unit
pricing, and that OMAP3 is in a very different class when it comes to
power, integration, etc.

Wrong list sorry i intended this to go to the openpandora list.

Anyway thanks.

Another question. Does anyone have video of a running OpenGL ES 2.0
application running atop of the OMAP3 chip. Who makes/manages the
drives for powerVR SGX for linux os?

Again thanks for the info.

Drivers haven't yet been released publicly.

Many thanks Jason.

The drivers are from TI? Does each vendor produce the drivers or does
ImgTec? I am trying to compare the latest product lines in the
embedded/mobile/MID space. The OMAP3 from TI, the ATOM from Intel, and
the Tegra from nVidia, and the VIA Nano as what would be used for a
next-gen mobile game console. And what the impact does the x86 IS
bring to a ARM RISC dominated field like mobile gaming. Thanks for
your help.


Hi Daniel and partners:

Talking about prices, I have tried to purchase some of these devices.
But TI has a strong control, and
only you can get them if you're a big company which produces units in
high volume. The price of each is $75
in mouser.com and digikey.com.

My question at this point is: Does anybody who is not an emporium has
purchased an OMAP device?

Does anybody know how to buy them in low quantities (2 or 3) for

Even samples are very controlled. Do you know something about this

- Odesus.

This is one of those cases where I'm not sure what all I can say. The
drivers will be from TI.

Nope. That is the price if you want to buy discreet units afaik :frowning: