TI Processor SDK Linux compatibility?


I’m wondering if BBAI is compatible with current Processor SDK Linux from TI (or rather vice-versa)?
The kernel is different there and I was not able to boot from SD card created with the utilities from the SDK.
I’ve an application currently running on OMAP L138, Linux + TI RTOS on DSP (using SDK’s SysLink/IPC) which I’d like to port to BBAI, to leverage the increased DSP power. I’d like to avoid merging/mixing the Debian and SDK/Arago world if possible…

Any hints?



Problem Description not very clear.

What HW failed to boot ?

If I had to guess you used this SDK?

and ran it on a BBAI?

You probably have better chance of getting help with details.

I’m trying to use the latest Linux Processor SDK for AM57x from here on BBAI.
(I just noticed that they released version 06_01_00_08 today/yesterday, I was trying with the previous version 06_01_00_07).

As far as I see now, BBAI is not officially supported by the Processor SDK.
What I tried was to make an SD card using the SDK’s create-sdcard script, but it does not boot on the BBAI.

Also note the TI SDK 06_01_00_08 is based on Linux kernel 4.19, whereas the “stable” BBAI debian kernel is based on 4.14.

Did you watch the slides for this SDK? I did.
If you had you’d seen the board specific layer.

Your approach seems flawed.
If I was doing what you’re doing I’d use TI RTOS on DSP and their Linux and use their IPC and I’d pony up the money for the correct EVM and JTAG you choose a mixed solution who you going to ask for help. Sadly if you’re a student and they won’t buy you the correct board for a quick start then they assume you’re time is Free. Don’t be sad it happens at cheap companies too usually where the SW manager is a Computer Science Major or Hardware only type then they hire a BSP consultant because they designed a custom board or because he has no clue on what’s needed for BSP.

I Saw the TI EVM was supported it’s possible they gave or add support to your board later. If your L138 DSP app used SYSBIOS I’d port whatever mechanism your Linux used to current IPC. If you used the SDK on the previous project their should be a porting guide.

Myself I’d ditch Linux totally on ARM and use SDK RTOS on both sides and use the OSAL that way it’s portable

I’d also buy the EVM and JTAG.

I saw this SDK support L138 did someone suggest you switch boards and use a dual DSP.

Anyway good luck I do have the L138 EVM tempted to spend 29 minutes getting a RTOS to RTOS example running I’ve got the JTAG as well.

Hi Geza,

Do you know how to board port U-boot? Can you get a host machine set up with Ubuntu 16.04 and the Processor SDK installer?