TI RTOS on Beaglebone Black

Sorry, I’m really new to this. Is it necessary to provide the JTag connnection to Beaglebone Black to work with sdk rtos?

Running TI-RTOS on a Beagle basically means throwing out all Linux
support (file system, etc.) and coding for a bare processor (I don't even
know if u-boot and device trees are processed). Unless you've written basic
I/O functionality into the RTOS application, JTAG is likely to be required
to examine anything.

Can’t it be done using the usb-ttl connection??

I believe the issue would be trying to write to the eMMC or debugging any issues via USB which I do not think you can do, thus JTAG is used.

A place to start is here:

This may help as well:




The EVM is not a BBB it’s got extra hardware so be careful

Thank you Jon! I tried LED Blinking program which I extracted from PDK example projects and viewed the console through the Serial Port and was able to get it done. The CCS project generates an app file which needs to be replaced in the sdcard image and there’s no need of JTAG

I got out both boards and ran all the examples on both boards everything is working including the I2C test with no errors.

I used JTAG as well to do some debugging of a multi threaded application I coded up using source level debugging.

So nice to set break points even in Interrupt service routines.

Phenomenal stuff. Lots of driver source code included. I even coded up 3 tasks exchanging data using inter task communication.
Runs in hard real time as well on ARM core no need for a PRU.

TI tools are the best!! It’s all free too!!!