TI vision_apps on BB AI-64

Hi Beaglebone community,

I’m using a beaglebone AI-64 and trying to get CSI RX to work. I’ve used in the past a board with the same processor but it was an evaluation board from TI which used vision_apps and imaging to stream and capture from some modules.
I see that some of the examples are already in /opt/vision_apps but whenever I port the ones from older board they seem to have some errors.
Is there a proper way to run these demos? I see that there’s already a dtbo loaded but maybe I’m completely lost here. Any input would be much appreciated.



@blaskelfith , I found something out. First off, thank you for allowing me to know about the /opt/vision_apps directory/file.

I was unaware of this specific location on the BBAI-64.

I know some of the folks from beagleboard.org are trying to make time to get the CSI-2 cameras up and running.

I cannot wait to see what you make. If you ever figure out the camera and /opt/vision_apps directory files, please post again.


P.S. Send in your exact errors from the commands and the commands. This may help future people better assist you in your specific issue.