Tight VNC on beaglebone black

I followed these instructions in instructables How to Access Beaglebone Via VNC : 3 Steps - Instructables and the viewer wont connect to my version C BBB. I am seeing this message - no connection could be made because target machine refused it. Is there something I need to change to make a connection that is not in the instructables article?

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I use tightvncserver. I install it w/ sudo apt install tightvncserver.

Then, vncserver is the command to start it. Once it starts, you have to have another program like VNC_Viewer.

This will allow you to see the desktop of the BBB or the server of the BBB from another terminal (VNC_Viewer).

Oh and in ~.vnc/xstartup, after a reboot, you can start your terminal on boot of vncserver commands.

Uncomment the longest line in the xstartup file in .vnc dir.


P.S. I think you can reboot and have tightvncserver work just fine w/ the vncserver command.