timedatectl on current Debian distro

Is anyone able to access systemd’s timedatectl on the current Debian distro (7.4, running on microSD card)?

I’m flummoxed by…

  1. Where to find it since it doesn’t appear to be running or loaded on systemd. And
  2. How to install or create it as a service if missing from systemd

I’ve looked hard for any insight, but everything I’ve found about timedatectl only talks about usage once it’s already installed and running, and nothing about adding/enabling it as a service if it’s not installed.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

With the current systemd enabled debian image, we only have a very
early version of systemd (version 44). timedatectl was added later.
Debian Jessie (version 8) is planned for freeze in november. My plan
is to switch to pushing a jessie image around that time as the
"testing" branch will start to calm down.

But, there's nothing stopping you from running Jessie today.

*My long term plan is to also switch to a qt based backend with lxqt
for a window manager in Jessie.


Aha! Thanks Robert, for your always useful, anti-balding elixir. :wink: