Tkinter on Angstrom

Has anyone figured out how to enable Tkinter on Angstrom?

I have the 20 Jun image running on a BeagleBone Black with an LCD7 attached. By default python is installed and works fine. Tkinter, however, is not installed. After running “opkg update” and installing “python-tkinter” everything appears to have installed, but when running a small window script I get: “ImportError: No module named _tkinter”. This occurs when parsing the line “from Tkinter import *” in my source.

I have seen this error asked about a couple times when searching, but never any other information in the conversation.


I have the same problem. I also installed python-tkinter using opkg, and I receive the exact same error when I try to import.

Does anyone know of a solution?

Actually, I did, sort of. Unless you're really dead set on using
Angstrom, just flash the board with Ubuntu.

The only reason I was using Angstrom was because I was under the
impression it was the only distribution that had support for the LCD7
on BBB. I found some hints to Ubuntu working so I gave it a try and
found out it easily supports the LCD7 on BBB, with touchscreen
control. There are still some quirks to it, but way more stable than

Of course this isn't really the solution you're probably looking for,
and if you really need to use Angstrom I don't have that answer.

I read on another forum that the error happens when using code that is expecting python v2.x when in fact you have python v3.x installed.

Hope it helps.

Hugh Johnson