Touch Screen setup?

I recently got a touch screen from an electronics store near where I live. Basically, it is JUST the touch screen and LVDS cable. It has no port or anything. What parts do I need to order in order to give it an HDMI port and ensure that it works properly? It is an LD070WS2 (SL) (02) model from LG (from what I read, it is what is often used in NOOKcolor displays).

However, all I have is the screen (no PCB, no connectors, no cover, etc).

I was wondering what connectors I could use to connect the touch screen to some HDMI adaptor so that I could connect it from there to the BeagleBone Black/Raspberry PI/computer, using both the HDMI connector and the touch screen function.

Based on what I saw on the datasheet
it appears that the unit uses the connection

However, when I looked online, I could only find options to buy it in bulk packages or request a quote.

Am I looking in the right places? Am I looking for the right part? Are there other parts that I could use that would be preferable or comparable?

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You need something like this:

It is a HDMI/VGA/etc… interface board with LVDS 30pin connector on it for the screen. You can also use the touch panel with a seperate board for it unless the screen you have came with it already… usually 4 wire type.


Did you ever find a solution to this? Currently in the same position as you were.