Touchscreen 4DCape-70T driver update on Debian (3.8.13)

how can I update 4DCape-70T touchscreen driver for BeagleBone Black on Debian (3.8.13)?
I tried update /lib/firmware/BB-BONE-LCD7-01-00A3.dtbo (from 15th May 2014) via “dtc” with this source ( ) but I think nothing was changed.
Is BBB using this touchscreen driver at all? I think touchscreen is still using some native “ti_tsc” driver.

(for info: topic with my main problem:|-finger-touch-left-mouse-click-stopped-working)


I used the 4D Cape 70T and 4DCape 70T II’s and they had conflicts with the BBB Audio Cape Rev B. I actually called 4DS in Australia asking them to remove the conflict. The interrupt conflict I have is the GPIO used by the up down left right button, which I didn’t need. If I could remove that myself, I would! Very frustrating.