Touchscreen LCD/Beaglebone pair with "functional" image


I have experimented a little with the Beaglebone a year or so ago and would like to jump back in with a 3.5 - 7" Touchscreen LCD (capacitive preferred, but resistive acceptable) that has an “easy to get started” image. Not concerned about cost just look for something I can get up and running with minimal effort. Reading the posts makes me think that I could save significant headache by picking something that has been used by others. Just going to setup an user interface that sends USART and/or SPI commands.

Any insight or pitfalls to avoid is appreciated…



Lcd7 cape

Dan, I have the LCD7 and LCD3 capes here, both of which work well the the BBB using the latest (2013-06-20) image.

I have also cross compiled qt4-embedded applications on 64bit xubuntu build machine using Eclipse and they run fine on the boards too.

Thanks for the input,

Last year when I was playing I watched a bunch of the videos, but found the angstrom image at the time wasn’t very stable. Attempts to update the image seemed to cause problems and screen calibration was very flaky, thus the question…

Trying to find places to purchase an LCD7 or other LCD for BBB but they are all backordered for up to 17 weeks!!! Any good sites to try that might actual have something in stock?

Farnell have 41 in stock :slight_smile:

In the US Farnell takes you to Newark which has the long backordered…

Give a shot, they show in stock.