I use angstrom and enlightenment desktop manager. I have a problem with
my touchscreen. I have installed xf86-input-tslib and the screen is

When i thouch my screen pointer follow my finger but click works only
one time.

In fact it seems that when i press screen, click keep active, because
when i click on a file, text is selected in blue as if i was using drag
and drop with a mouse, and left button was pressed.

I precise that i have tested differents parameters in Xorg without any

Is there a parameter or timeout to release click ?

Thanks by advance

Generally, Touch screen gives some options like

  1. touch to click
  2. touch to select
  3. touch like normal mouse
    So In driver software settings please check the above options…
    and select option “Normal Mouse”.
    your problem will be solved.

i have used angstrom x11 package for my board [ not beagle ]
the touch screen does not work…
Do i need to instal Tslib modile?
thank you…