tp for 5 volt insertion instead of usb-c port

I do not wish to power the board via the usb-c port. Is one of the many test points connected to +5 volt supply line?

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@Andre BeaglePlay_sch.pdf · main · BeaglePlay / beagleplay · GitLab
As you can see on the schematic the VSYS_5V is the source of power for the board, you have to find a node that’s convenient for you. Perhaps you could strip an old usb c cable and get it connected to your source instead.

I am looking at adding what is shown in this block diagram…a place to power the board.
Here you can see at one point they had a barrel connector.

There are a lot of test points on this board and one must be connected to the 5v line.

@Andre The 5v line on this block diagram is corresponding to the VSYS_5V from the electrical schematic, so to get precisely where this 5V line goes you should look at the VSYS_5V.

Looks like in order to move my project ahead, I will just remove the usb-c connector and go from there.
Hopefully someone will solve this in the future.

You can power the Beaglebone through it’s expansion headers. If you are wanting a solid connection, the headers would be easier to solder to than the USB pads.

the VSYS_5V pins should power the Beaglebone.

@MountainCNC Don’t know what expansion header you mean, but the Mikrobus schematic is showing a diode in the 5V circuit. Hence, this is definetly no option.

I was talking about the P8 and P9 expansion headders

You can find more info in the documentation Connectors — BeagleBoard Documentation