tpa81(sensor temperatur)

tomorrow i can running thermal with i2c in bbb ,therefor im clean one file.there are file erased.
when i run file again .showed

thermal1= bus.read_byte_data(address, reg1)
IOError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error

anyone know to fix it?

So, i2c_bus=3,100 probably won’t work for your case. You’ll probably have replace “3” to reflect the proper I2C bus you’re using. But in case you’re using a bus thats already in use ( 0, or 2 ), I’d probably not try the above.

There are many things that can cause that error.

It means that the I2C device is not replying to its address on the buss.

It could be a wiring error, the I2C device is not hooked up correctly.

The BeagleBone has three I2C busses. You could be looking on the wrong bus.

It could mean there are no pull up resistors on the I2C bus.

It could mean that the part is busy. This would mean that it answers some times and not others. It is very common for EEPROMs to not answer when they are busy writing to the internal memory, or parts with data converters to not answer when they are busy doing a conversion. The solution to the busy problem is to wait a few milliseconds, then try again, perhaps a maximum of ten times before giving up.

— Graham

You are using I2C to read a thermistor? What are you building an atom smasher lol?

Switch your I2C to ADC and find a PDF of a themistor-to-voltage network of discretes and just read the ADC.

My God man. :smiley: