TPS65217 Power Button Linux Support?

Has anyone started work on supporting the power button attached to the
TPS65217 from within Linux?

I'd like to have support for:
On power button press, interrupt fires which reads the TPS65217
INTERRUPT and STATUS registers, determine if the user wants a shutdown,
and issue shutdown key command (like twl4030-pwrbutton module does).

Technically, I'm interested in supporting all interrupt sources
on the TPS65217, but the power button is the easiest to understand from
a user perspective and once that works the rest of what I want is easy
(clean shutdown when AC power pulled and transfer to battery happens).

I'm asking as I need to support it and I don't believe either TI's PSP
tree, Koen's tree, or linux-omap yet have support for interrupt sources
from the TPS65217 followed by reading the appropriate registers (ala
twl4030 functionality). No need for me to duplicate effort if
someone's already started working on this.

I'm most interested in basing this on TI's PSP release (or Koen's
kernel tree) rather than mainline. But, if someone's working on
mainlining this (haven't seen anything on linux-omap ml based on some
searches) I'm happy to dive into learning device tree so I can help
(would probably put some hair on my chest anyway, I hear device tree
can do that ;).

If this support already exists and my question is dumb, I'm happy for
someone to tell me how dumb I am. Apparently, I can't see it in the
code or git logs in the places I've checked.


Can you remove me from these beagleboard emails please


Can you remove me from these beagleboard emails please

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